Landscape, Garden & Horticulture


Sea Green is a small garden and landscape design company newly formed by Suvi Asch, a city girl with a country heart, whose mission is to act as a liaison between her clientele and their surroundings in nature.

Gardens, at their best, are zones where design and horticulture combine to create comfortable setting for people, plants and animals to interact. Ultimately, they become a gateway to more expansive exploration of the wild.

Suvi has long studied these dynamics through her work on properties in Connecticut and Long Island, as well as in New York City. Observations of these important interactions inform her work, both in the urban environment or the broader palette of rural landscapes. Her managed outdoor spaces strengthen the connectivity between the manmade and natural worlds.

Sea Green uses a plant focused, seasonal approach to bring long-term form and function to every project. Whether implementing a small edit to an established property or building a landscape from scratch, Suvi’s care and commitment to the projects she chooses are fueled by her passion for these ideals.


422 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238

3 Still Hill Road
Bethlehem CT 06751